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What does college success mean?  

If only ONE of these 3 is not optimized, the best plans for our students come off the rails:

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Reversing the 70% Faith Drop-out


Understanding the “Business of College”

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Doubling successful transition to triple Christian college grads into the community

It has been demonstrated that churches and Christian schools who assure that all students are connected before they leave home, see the 70% loss almost vanish.  They return to energize their youth groups at Christmas with stories of growth and leading others to Christ when non-believers are most open — during the first months on campus.   Let’s make this a reality for all students in our city this year!

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Black Rock Congregational Church in Fairfield CT used to experience the typical 70% loss upon graduation. “Last year I had all of my high school students participate in the YTN Video Material.  All were greatly challenged to be spiritually ready for college. Most were blown away by the idea that their first 72 hours at college were the most important in staying strong in their faith. As they have started college, they say that much of what they learned from the videos was true about their first days at college. Many of them were able to find Christian roommates and were already plugged into campus ministries because of The result? All of our graduates continued in their faith and connected to ministries! “ - Jeremy Taylor, HS Director, Black Rock Community Church, CT

Simple steps to take if you are a:

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Transitioning in the Faith

Most Christian high school students (80%) intend to continue their faith walk in college.   However, 7 in 10 are blindsided and walk away…  By age 30, only a third of these have returned to church and have already made the major life decisions. What if they could return home for Thanksgiving and share stories of growth and seeing students come to Christ, rather than being aloof and cool to faith.  USA Today says that the freshmen year is the most dangerous time in the life of a teenager. The good news:  We’ve seen that any church or school whose parents and students viewed these videos then actually connected to campus ministries via the website, went from losing the typical 70% to keeping most. We hope you enjoy the tools on this site to help your family, church, and school, make a real difference for seniors going off to college and juniors selecting colleges with solid campus ministries. Students are now discovering that the most open time in a non-believer’s life to hear and see the gospel lived out - is the first 3 weeks on a college campus, while they want to meet everyone and have not settled into a peer group.  Freshmen are the best to reach them, but need to connect with other freshmen and upperclassmen to help.  90% of people come to faith before the age of 24 and the largest number of college students do so the first months on campus.  Freshmen are the best to relationally reach other freshmen, IF they are prepared. .

Preparing your Teen

Movement in Your City

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